Wiki Strategies – IGC & Collaboration

What is a wiki?

A Wiki is an online collaborative Web 2.0 tool that allows numerous users to write and edit articles. A wiki can be used to gather information and supports multiple pages and external hyperlinks. Wiki’s are collaborative tools that enable users to build web pages where they can share ideas, edit documents or monitor the status of a project in real-time.

A great example of wiki use in organisation is Nokia. In 2004, Nokia implemented the use of two wiki’s, the first being a collaborative tool to be used for problems solving in particular software design problems. Whilst the other implementation was used to explore an alternative to emails and other collaborative software.

Why use wiki’s?

The use of Wiki’s in organisations is on the increase, due to that more technologies are going online and it enhances collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. This blog post will discuss how wiki’s can be used and implemented to address some key areas the Australian Geoscience Council (AGC) in regards to hosting and attracting a predicted 6,500 delegates to the 34th International Geological Congress (IGC).

Benefits to the IGC by using wiki’s

  • Knowledge sharing – By letting members publish their own content with only a few clicks, they would be less likely to with hold the known knowledge and are more likely to share the information.
  • Knowledge transfer – Ideas would be exchanged person-to-person, in one step, eliminating distortion and filtering.
  • Increased engagement –People that could add and edit content would feel a sense of ownership over their content. Because this leadership would be putting trust in people it would in turn, be more likely to trust the event and the organisers.
  • Content Errors– If anyone sees an error, they would be able to fix it immediately, reducing inaccuracies.

The common pitfalls to the IGC by using wiki’s

  • Reluctance to edit – some people may reluctant to edit other peoples work
  • Familiarity with tool – it may cost time for people to familiarise themselves with new tools
  • Need to establish appropriate process – e.g. who can edit what (sensitive document) or company policy

By promoting the wiki and providing a framework of information to work from, the wiki can be a successful way of providing staff, delegates and visitors to the event public information related to the International Geological Congress, activities around the event, and more.


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  1. #1 by bkb90 on October 16, 2011 - 3:48 pm

    Hey Daniel,

    Really really awesome video on what wiki’s are. It gives a really good quick understanding on what they are how they can be used to set up simple things such as lists. I also like the benefits to the IGC section where you have provided readers on the benefits of a wiki for the IGC. Great post!

    Feel free to visit my blog @

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